Four Effective Marketing Tools for Social Media Marketing

A strong social media presence is what defines the success and failure of any online product or service. In the competitive marketing space, it is becoming more and more difficult to survive especially for small businesses. More and more companies are spending a large chunk of their hard earned money on social media management. These tools guarantee social media success as long as you use them right:

In App Advertisement

In App Advertisement is gradually taking over traditional browser based internet advertisement. In App advertisement is generally regarded as more effective and impactful than typical online ads. Such ads give advertisers a chance to develop a direct connection with the customers. So get your banner or motion ad on a popular app!

Real Geeks’ Facebook Marketing Tool

Facebook advertisement may be a grey area for some but its potential in marketing cannot be overlooked. It connects your Facebook ad campaign directly to your website; from there it is able to pull data automatically and generates the type of ads that tend to generate the best results. You will also be able to monitor and adjust the ad anyway you like. This tool also comes with detailed but easy reporting about your progress.


The growing popularity of influencer marketing is making Notifier a must in the kit of every social media marketer. It is a tool that helps automate and improve your influencer relationships. By just plugging in your content, it will automatically search for references you have made to other brands. Later it will pull up their social information so that you can notify them that you have cited them. This helps you in engaging with new influencers, streamlining your influencer marketing campaign.

Inky bee

Bloggers and content creators are a hidden target audience of any business. They may not be potential customers but they are main linkers in building relationships on social networking sites and a prime traffic source. Bloggers are crucial for driving traffic to any particular site. Inky bee is a blogging outreach platform that is fast and offers detailed filtering. Reporting with accuracy makes it time efficient.


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