5 Winning Online Marketing Tips


Online marketing is the name of the game today. It doesn’t require nearly as much capital as traditional forms of marketing do and if you carry it out right, the returns surpass all expectations. Still, there are some things that are sure to work and some, you can only hope to. In this post, we discuss 5 of the former.

Use Unique PPC Text Ad Formats


An effective PPC campaign is one of the fastest ways to spread brand awareness and boost traffic to your website. The important thing to remember here is that Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Yahoo ads, and other online advertising systems have different formats and unless you stick to the appropriate one, your ad is far less likely to get noticed.

Pump up that CTA Button.


An effective CTA (call to action) is the holy grail of Lead conversion. That said, it takes a considerable bit of effort to make the CTA button look appealing. So, replace the stale old ‘Get now’ with a ‘Get Instant Access Today’ and introduce CTAs like ‘I want in’, or ‘Give xxx a shot’.

Case Studies; Find Them. Use Them.


SEO Case studies of similar brands to yours will lay out the footsteps of success you need to follow. That said, don’t make the mistake of ignoring  variables such as current market trends, individual differences, your company’s mission statement and so on.

Extensive Data Analysis


You want to put in as much work and effort into analyzing your campaign’s performance as you can. Make the research and analysis part as specific to your company growth objectives as you can. Using the results from your research,  you should be able to modify keywords, identify and address the problems of the demographics you want to target and make your website social media, SEO, and user-friendly for your target market.

Avoid Lawsuits and Penalties


A penalty incurred from Google or a concerned legal counsel, will not just slow your campaign but may even set your company back a few thousand dollars. Make sure you’ve hired a devoted, experienced online marketing agency that understands copyright, trademark, infringement related laws and other SEO related penalties that apply so you don’t have to deal with unnecessary setbacks.

Throw in All the Ingredients that make up Viral Content


Viral content can mean  overnight success.  Now, good  content has the potential to go viral regardless of any external factors but it definitely doesn’t hurt to take notes  from the typical stuff that does go  viral. So focus on creating content that includes human interest stories, package it well, promote it extensively on social media and if possible, feature an authority figure in the content.

Additional Tips: In order to boost your chances of creating viral content, post often, post when your target demographic is online and post  more videos and slideshows.



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